iPhone location tracking

Have you ever tried using an iPhone location tracking software? If you want to know what people are up to especially when you are not around, then you can do so by spying on their iPhones. Here are two ways to do it.

iPhone Location Tracking Through Network’s Location-Based Services

Like all mobile phones, the iPhone rely on cell towers in order to get signals from a network so that it can place and receive calls as well as send and receive SMS messages. Moreover, the iPhone also connects to WiFi hot spots for mobile internet. With these location-based services, anyone can track the location (replete with time stamps) of iPhones running on iOS4 as the mobile device passively records an unencrypted data.

However, this method is not an accurate tracking solution. It does not really reflect the iPhone’s exact location but rather the location of the cell towers or the WiFi hot spots that the device was connected to at the time the data was recorded. And since cell towers can transmit network signals for miles, the iPhone could be a hundred miles away from its recorded location. Also, you will need to get hold of the iPhone in order to retrieve the stored data.

Tracking iPhone Location using a Software

Installing a software is much more efficient. You don’t need to peak through the data stored on the iPhone over and over again after installing the software because you can monitor every phone activity in front of your computer – wherever you are. You can access the phone book memories, read SMS messages and view the call logs.

The best thing about using a software is that it accurately reveals the location of the iPhone. Rather than using cell towers and WiFi hot spots, a spy software uses the GPS tracking system of the iPhone to trace the exact location of the device – providing you with actual locations in real time. There’s no second guessing about someone’s whereabouts because you can pinpoint the iPhone’s exact position using Google maps.

Another advantage of using a software for tracking iPhone location is that it is undetectable. The owner of the iPhone wouldn’t even realize that you are keeping a close eye on his or her activities. It is also untraceable, which means that it will not leave any trail that could lead back to you.

Before you install the software or app, you will need to jailbreak your unit.

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Tracking iPhone locations can be done using location-based services which can be quite inaccurate or a software which can track the exact location of the iPhone and its user.

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